DNA Studies

DNA from HCM positive Siberians is needed to find the genes that cause heart disease. . We ask breeders and pet owners contribute to ongoing research projects. Always include a copy of the pedigree, echocardiograms and findings, and the following information with every sample.


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HCM Diagnosis


  1. Most researchers accept DNA taken from saliva swabs. Q-Tips can be used for these samples.
  2. Sample only one cat at a time. If samples are to be collected from more than one cat, please complete steps 1-6 for each cat before beginning sampling the next one.
  3. Use 2 double-ended cotton swabs. Place swab head between the cheek and gums, then swirl vigorously 8-10 times. Use both ends of the cotton swab.
  4. Wave the swab in the air for 20 seconds to air dry. Moisture can damage DNA.
  5. Place cotton swabs in a paper envelope. Write the name of the cat on the sealed envelope.
  6. Do not wrap swabs in plastic or put them in plastic bags.
  7. Place all samples, forms, and health and pedigree information into one envelope.

Several Researchers are studing Siberian HCM.  We do not have a compiled list at this time.  Two are:

Mark Kittleson, DVM

Kethryn Meurs, DVM